Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some frequently ask questions with its respective answer. If you have more questions that is not included below. Feel free to contact us.

Are they easy to use?

The Slimming Suzie Body Wraps are very easy to use. Try them every other day for 6-8 hours or overnight.

How many come in package?

There are 5 Body Wrap pouches in each box. If you use the them every other day, you will have enough for a 10 day supply.

Should I use them with Saran Wrap?

Saran Wrap is recommended to increase the heat in the area that the wrap is applied. The Saran Wrap does increase the effectiveness.

Is it only for my stubborn belly fat area?

The Slimming Suzie Body Wraps can be used on any stubborn fat area. Customers report firming and toning of arms and reduction of cellulite in the thigh area.

Is there an expiration date for the wraps?

The Slimming Suzie Body Wrap Applicator has an 18 month shelf life if left unopened. Once the sealed pouch on the applicator is opened, it must be used immediately to ensure that the cloth wrap is moist and saturated when applied and that the natural ingredients of the natural formula are effective.

Does the body wrap cover my belly if I am a very large person?

The Body Wrap is big enough to cover the stomach area even if you are a very large person.

What if I want to use it on other areas?

Thin Slimming Suzie Wraps can be cut up in pieces and used for whatever area that you would like to target. Try them on thighs, arms, chin area, etc.

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